About BRG

For almost three decades, the Business Reference Guide (BRG) has been the leading guide for the pricing of businesses. The BRG provides business transaction professionals with a wealth of up-to-date rules of thumb and essential pricing information on over 600 businesses.

Who Uses the Business Reference Guide?

Experts—from bankers, accountants, and business brokers to the Small Business Association (SBA) and Small Business Development Center (SBDC)—all turn to the Business Reference Guide. Some of the world’s most trusted companies, associations, franchisers, and entities, such as the AICPA and the International Business Brokers Association, also rely on the data contained in the BRG.

How the BRG Can Help You:

  • Easily search all entries containing a specific key word.
  • Quickly create a specific industry profile for your buyers, complete with your branded logo, colors, and a disclaimer.
  • Find insightful pricing tips ready to be copied and pasted into any marketing piece or presentation.
  • Quickly and easily confirm the accuracy of your valuations with the most current data available, including entries added throughout the year.

About the Publisher

Built on Nearly 50 Years of Hands-on Experience and Research

Published by Business Brokerage Press (BBP), the Business Reference Guide is compiled by BBP founder, Tom West. West is a founder, past president, and former executive director of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA). The BRG would not be possible without West’s nearly 50 years of experience in the business brokerage industry.

West is also the editor of The Business Broker Blog and author of The Resource Handbook for Business Brokers and Intermediaries, as well as The Complete Guide to Business Brokerage. He has combined his lifetime of business brokerage experience with the invaluable contributions of numerous industry experts and veterans, and thousands of hours of ongoing research in the marketplace to create the industry’s leading business pricing guide.

At Business Brokerage Press, our mission, our history, our products, and our services are all focused on supporting and equipping the business brokerage industry.


“The Business Reference Guide is our go to resource for business value conversations with clients. It contains rule of thumb pricing and a wealth of vertical industry information that really helps frame our discussions around a range of value when considering a variety of factors. While BRG is invaluable for our Business Owners exiting their firms; it is extremely helpful with Advisory Clients to see how they measure up to their industry/peers, often identifying opportunities for growth in value with their companies.”

George Giles, Founder & President
Intemedior Business Advisors, LLC

“Next to The Bible, the “Business Reference Guide” by Business Brokerage Press is the most Important , Helpful and Valuable Book a Business Broker can have. It adds “Dignity” to what would otherwise be a “Messy Guess” and a “Matter-of-Opinion”. Every top Professional treats it like the American Express Card…, “Never Leave Home Without It”.

Ed Pendarvis, CBI (Lifetime)
“Dean of Main Street”
Founder & Chairman Emeritus, SUNBELT BUSINESS BROKERS
Founder, BusinessBuyersUniversity.com
Student/ Teacher

“The BRG has been a valuation staple of our business for many years. It is a great go to for gut checks and getting great metrics about many industries. If you are a business broker, it is a must have!”

Andy Cagnetta, CEO
Transworld Business Advisors

“From the first edition all the way to present day, we have included the Business Reference Guide as part of our corporate training of VR intermediaries. It is a must have tool for the serious professional.”

Peter C. King, CEO
VR Business Brokers| Mergers & Acquisitions

“Containing both expert commentary and industry data from many leading sources, the Business Reference Guide serves as a must-have for any professional in the business transaction or valuation profession.

Adam Manson, Director, Valuation Data
Business Valuation Resources, LLC

“Tom’ West’s Business Reference Guide is an indispensable tool for business brokers and valuation experts. Whether it’s your first or last step, it is essential that the BRG be part of your valuation process.”

Jeff Snell, CM&AP, M&AMI, LCBI, ABI, Principal Broker
ENLIGN Advisors

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