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BRG is the world’s foremost business pricing guide complete with…
-Proven rules of thumb
-Info for more than 600 types of businesses
-Intuitive keyword searching
-Personalized printing
-Continual updates

Bankers, business brokers, accountants & thousands of readers call the Business Reference Guide, “an absolute necessity-invaluable to anyone involved in privately held businesses.”

For 30+ years, The Business Reference Guide (BRG) has been the industry’s essential guide for pricing businesses. This streamlined and intuitive industry reference guide provides business transaction professionals with up-to-date rule of thumb and pricing information on more than 600 types of businesses (View list of businesses).

We’ve Been a Trusted Community Pillar & Partner for 30+ Years

The BRG is the go-to business reference guide. It’s trusted by industry leaders ranging from bankers, business brokers and business appraisers to institutions, such as the Small Business Association (SBA) and the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The BRG also has some of the world’s most respected businesses as key customers including: the AICPA, the International Business Brokers Association, TransWorld Business Brokers, Murphy Business Brokers and more. Sponsored by such industry icons as Telos,, BVR, Diamond Financial, GCF Valuation, Salesgenie and many more.

The BRG is truly an invaluable tool for any business transaction professional.

Most Pricing Entries Contain:

  • Proven Rules of Thumb for Pricing Businesses; rules based on both sales & earnings (SDE)
  • Key pricing tips from BBP Industry Experts
  • Insightful benchmark information that provides comparison data
  • Invaluable industry resources, such as associations & publications with websites
  • General information providing industry data, surveys & comments
  • Fascinating facts regarding a range of businesses & industries
  • Industry multiple summary data from DealStats

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Now in its 33rd edition, the 2023 Business Reference Guide is the world’s foremost guide to pricing businesses. New for 2023, the BRG provides up-to-date rules of thumb & pricing info on nearly 600 types of businesses.

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